Configuration and Workflow of addon

Please review the below YouTube video. We have created the video for auction workflow with auto-debit functionality. 


Once you fill up stripe account information.After that Go to Auctions -> Settings -> Addon.

Stripe Configuration

Stripe configuration have done in previous article.It display that test mode enable.If admin wants to change stripe configuration then go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments -> Stripe Payment Method -> Click Manage.

Display Settings for Credit Card

1) Display credit card details on default Wordpress Register form - When you enable this check box what will happen is that credit card form will added inside default wordpress registration form.

2) Display credit card details on my account page - When you enable this check box what will happen is that credit card form will added inside registration form on my account page.Now go to my account page there you can see cradit card is added below registration form.

When user register on my account page at that time enter all card detail here.If user already registered previously then login account.Go to Payment methods and add credit card details.

3) Capture Billing Address of Users while registering on WooCommerce My Account Page - When you enable this check box what will happen is that billing address form added below the registration form on my account page.So when user checkout the product at that time user don't need to fillup address fields.

Auto Debit Options for Admin Auction

1) Full Bid Amount - When admin choose a winner and product get expired then full bid amount debited to admin's stripe account automatically.

2) Partial Bid Amount - Bid amount is debite based on select option.

  • Flat Rate and percentage - For example you enter $2 partially amount then auto debited amount of price based on select options from flat rate or percentage.

3) No Auto Debit. Collect Payment on checkout page - Bid amount is not auto debite to admin's account.For product payment go to checkout page, fill payment detail and place order.After that payment process complete.

Other Settings

This settings for display text on checkout page.Enter text which admin wants to display on checkout page.

Workflow of Addon

After installation and configure settings let's understand workflow.

1) Admin activates "Credit Card Auto Debit" addon and configures its settings.

2) Admin creates an auction product.

3) User go to my account page, registers with credit card details and places a bid.

4) Admin go to Auctions list and choose winner.

5) When the auction expires, then automatically the bidding amount is debited from the user credit card and transferred to the admin stripe account. Please note that this is automatic and admin dont have to do anything.

6) User must check bid status.For that there are 3 ways.

  • PRO plugin sends an email to the winner for get Item link.
  • Go to my account page -> Auctions and check it for bid won.
  • User go to product page and click "Get Item" button.

7) User clicks "Get Item" and the product is added to his checkout page where he needs to enter his billing details and place an order.

8) Order is created and admin has all the information of the user in that order and he can go to WP Admin > WooCommerce > Orders to see that order.

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