How to add buyer's premium to products

Let's understand by example how to set buyer's premium on products.

Step 1 - Admin creates auction product.Go to Products -> Add New

Step 2 - Go to Auctions -> License & Addon -> Active Buyer's Premium Addon.

Step 3 - Go to Auction -> Settings. Configure settings as per document.Suppose admin sets 5% value and  $1 maximum premium amount.If 5% of the total price is above $1 then $1 is apply as a premium.If 5% of the total price is below $1 then calculated amount in percentage is apply as a buyer's premium.

Step 4 - User bids $4 on this product.

Step 5 - Admin goes to Auctions list and choose a winner.

Step 6 - There are 3 way to checkout for won product.

  1. User get email notification - Email display product name and bid amount.This email not include buyer's premium charge.It displays "Pay Now" button.Click button and checkout product.

  2. Go up there product page and refresh.There are all the details of the won product.User can see the total bid amount.There is a message for won product.None of this detail shows a buyer's premium.Click "Pay Now" button and checkout product.Buyer's premium Will show when user go to checkout page.

  3. Go to my account page -> Auctions -> Bids Won column.This include product status, bid amount and checkout product link.Under the "Bids Won" Common, it will show as many products as user won.Click "Pay Now" button and checkout product.

Step 7 - User will checkout product and fill in the billing information.At the other side, the order details will appear.You can see that buyer's premium has been added in total.Buyer's premium will be added according to the option you choose in setting.If you choose flat rate option then flat rate value added as a buyer's premium.User can make payment by selecting any payment method.Payment can be made by turning on the method from the WooCommerce -> settings -> Payment.At last Click "Place Order" button.

Step 8 - Once the user has added the order, the order recipe will be available.The recipe is written in the name of the order,address, payment method, total payment, Buyer's premium.

Step 9 - Now admin will have to go admin dashboard for check order. Go to WooCommerce -> Orders.There admin can see order status, user name and total amount.Order states is in progress at the moment but will complete when the order is placed.

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