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How do we enable users to be sellers

Many site owners want their users not only to bid but add their own products for auction. What this would mean is that site owners preferably want their users to be vendors who can add their own auction or normal products, track their orders, give commissions to admin for using their site to sell their own products. 

Since our PRO version is based on WooCommerce, there are many professional multi-vendor plugins that allow admin's site to be a marketplace for other users to be vendors and sell their products. And instead of reinventing the wheel, the best approach to provide site owner's ability for their users to add auction is to integrate with multi-vendor plugins available in the market. 

Most Popular Wordpress Multi-Vendor Marketplace plugin is  WCFM Marketplace by WC Lovers (FREE product). We can proudly say that our plugin integrates with this plugin. We recommend our it to our users as it has most features, provide front-end dashboard and is completely free. 

Installation of WCFM Marketplace

Step 1 - For install WCFM Marketplace plugin Go to -> Plugins -> Add New.There you can upload plugin zip or search for "WCFM Marketplace", install and active plugin.This is free plugin to use.Before installing the WCFM Marketplace plugin, you have to activate WCFM Core plugin.

Step 2 - Once the plugin is installed, it prompts for a setup.If the admin wants to setup, "Let's go" button will click.

It’s most important for any marketplace, how your vendors will setup their stores.Whenever a vendor first time login to their store will have a “Store Setup” widget.For more information click WCFM Marketplace documantation.

Step 3 - The "WCFM Options" menu will appear, once the setup is on this, select page from dropdown on which you want to display store dashboard and save it.

There is a separate option to go over the admin dashboard.Click on "marketplace" menu and go to admin dashboard for WCFM marketplace.From here the admin can arrange everything.

Configuration for vendor from admin dashboard

1) Auctions - Go to Auctions menu.There admin can see all their products with different category like live auctions, expired auctions and future auctions.

2) Store Vendors - Details of all the vendors will appear here.These include Vendor Name, Email id, Store Name,Total Products, Gross Sales, Earnings, Withdrawal.

When the admin clicks on the detail button, the vendor details will show.

3) Settings -> Payment settings.Admin will enable payment method for vendor.Admin can do enable payment method as much as admin want from the list.For example, PayPal, Strip and Bank Transfer are enable. Admin has to configure his account with PayPal and Strip. All the required parameters have to be added in given fields.

4) Settings -> Vendor Registration - The change of vendor registration form will take place from here.

  • Registration Form Fields - Admin can enable as many fields as he wants on vendor registration form from list given in this section.Admin can turn on from so many fields likeFirst Name, Last Name, User Name, Store Address and Phone no

  • Store Registration Settings
    1. Hide "Become a Vendor"? - If you check this option, the vendor registration link will be removed from my account page.
    2. Required Approval - When the vendor registers, the following message will appear.When this option is checked , the request of the vendor's store registration will go to the admin.Admin has to go to store Vendores -> Pending store vendors and validate the request of vendor.
      This email states that the seller's store has been successfully registered.Vendor's store dashboard link is given in this mail.Click on this link and go to store dashboard.
    3. Email Verification - When the vendor registers, the verification code is sent to vendor's email.Vendor will have to enter varification code and then registered.

Where to register the vendor

Once admin has configured WCFM, their Users register form to become vendors on my Account page.If you are an existing user, login account.Go to dashboard and click on "become a vendor" link.

Click on "Become a Vendor" button and register there.Register email id, store name and password.

1) Email - Register email id of user.

2) Store Name - Enter store name which you want to display on site.

3) Password - Enter strong password and click register.

For more information about registration click vendor registration document.

Once the registration is done, it will ask for store setup.Vendor has to be set up for the store.

The vendor dashboard opens after the store setup.Vendor can manage all store activites from here.

How admin can manage review of vendor's products

Third party users can add review on any vendor's product.The admin can see all product review and store review. Go to admin dashboard -> Reviews menu. There admin can see all reviews. The admin has permission to approve or delete that reviews as per their choice.The settings are shown below.

So, here admin can see name and email id of user , ratings , review and vendor's store name. There are two button available. If admin don't want to display that review, delete it. If admin like review, approve it by click approve button. 

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