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  • Setup store information from settings
  • Adding and viewing an auction product
  • How vendor can view, choose winners, delete bids and end auction product

Vendor can open the store dashboard by logging in or registering on the my account page.Vendor can do all the settings from here.Shown below are some of the important settings of the store dashboard.So as to be easily understood. 

Setup store information from settings

Go to settings menu.

  • Store - Select store tab from settings menu and fillup all information of store.Enter store name, email id, phone number, store logo, store banner, store description and other options for what to display on the store banner.Enter all information and save it.

  • Location - Select location tab and enter store location information.Enter detail address, city, pincode, country.Also find location on map and save it.

  • Payment - Select payment tab from settings.Select payment method and configure account with it.

    For more information check vendor setting document.

Adding and viewing an auction product

Vendor can put his product up for sale.

Add product

Go to Auctions -> Add New menu and you can add a products by clicking there.

Step 1 - Select product type from list.

Step 2 - Enter product title.

Step 3 - Choose product image.

Step 4 - Enter full description and short description.

Step 5 - Select product's category from list.

Step 6 - Go to auction data tab and fillup all details.Enter Opening Price, Opening Price, Buy now price.

Step 7 - Select product's start date ,end date, bid increment value and save changes.

View product

For view all auction products Go to Auctions menu and activate the tab from live, expired and future.There vendor will see the product image, product name, current price, product start and end date.

How vendor can view, choose winners, delete bids and end auction product

All the activity of the product bid can be done from the dashboard.Let's understand one by one.

View Bid , Delete Bid and Choose Winner

The user login to the account page.User bid on vendor's product.Vendor can see the bid information from dashboard.Go to Auctions menu.Click "view Detail" button of auction product.

Open the product detail page and the bid information will appear.A list of users who have bid on the product appears.There shows the name of the bidder, the bid value and the bidding time.Also mention that where auction started.If the vendor is not satisfied with the bid value then he can delete it.Click "delete" button and remove bid from list.Click the "Choose Winner" button if vendor wants to select the winner.

End product

Go to auctions menu -> Click view detail of product.Click the "End Now" button if Vendor wants to end the product.

After end product user with the highest bid value from list will be the winner and auction product get expired.

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