How admin can take commissions from vendor

Commission is the most important part of any multi-vendor site.Admin can take commission from vendor using selected payment method.First admin needs to do commission settings.Go to admin dashboard -> settings -> Commission settings.

select "Commission for" option for set commission rules.Set commission mode and it's value.There are many options for commission mode.For more information about commission options check WCFM marketplace commission document.

Admin also needs to do settings for withdrawal.Go to Admin dashboard -> Settings -> Withdrawal settings.Select withdrawal mode option from dropdown, select allowed order status for withdrawal and save changes.For more information check withdrawal setting document.

Vendor can pay commission and extra charges using many payment method. WCFM market plugin provide following payment method.Admin can active any of the method.

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash Pay
  • Wirecard (Moip)
  • Stripe
  • Stripe Split Pay

Using Stripe

First admin needs to setup stripe account on dashboard setting.Go to Admin Dashboard -> Settings -> Payment Settings.Select stripe payment method from list.Fillup stripe account publish key, secret key and client id.Check test mode if you are testing.

Go to vendor dashboard Settings -> Payments.Select "Stripe" from payment method and connect vendor's stripe account.

User bid on vendor's product.Vendor choose a winner.User place order for auction product and pay for it.Vendor get user's order.For check order go to vendor dashboard -> Orders menu.There vendor can see the username, order id, product name, address, total payment, commission or extra charge and payment date.In order list vendor can see that admin fee shown unpaid.

Now, vendor can submit a request to avail their earnings by selecting their order.Go to Vendor dashboard -> Payments -> Click withdrawal.Select order and click "Request" button.

Admin can approve or reject this request. Go to Admin dashboard -> withdrawal. Select request and click approve button.

Automatic payment will be made when the admin approves the request.For check payment go to Vendor dashboard -> Payments.You can see that the payment method is also written.

Admin go to stripe account and check payment.

Using Paypal

Admin needs to setup paypal account in admin dashboard. Go to admin dashboard -> Settings -> Payment Settings.Check paypal payment method from list.Enter client id and secret key of admin paypal account.

Now go to vendor dashboard -> Settings -> Payments.Select paypal payment method from dropdown.

Go to vendor dashboard and send withdrawal request to admin.Go to vendor dashboard -> Payment -> Withdrawal.Select order and send request.

Go to Admin dashboard -> withdrawal. Select request and approve it.Payment is proceed when the admin approves the request.You can see in the request that the payment method is also written.

For more information check vendor payment document.Admin can also take membership charges from vendor.For more information check WCFM - WooCommerce Multivendor Membership document.

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