How to change color of countdown timer?

The color of the countdown timer can be changed. Admin has to add CSS for a countdown timer. This can happen in two ways.

Login to dashboard

Step -1 Login to the admin dashboard.

Step 2 Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

Step 3 Add below css code there.Add the color code you want.

.hasCountdown {
     background-color: #F0D8DF !important;
     color: #44424e !important;

Step 4 After add CSS, click publish button.

CSS file of the theme

In this, Admin will have to do a change in the CSS file of the current theme. Go to the active theme folder. Open the theme CSS file, add the above code there and save the file.

All the places where the countdown timer is displayed will change the color. You can see below, countdown timer color is changed.

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