When email not being send, how to solve it

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Ultimate WooCommerce auction pro plugin sends an email to admin and bidder. sometimes many users have issues with email not being sent. There are few reasons behind not sending emails. for example, emails are sending but going to spam, your server is not configured correctly. It is possible that the issue is not in the plugin but it is an issue of your site. At that time user should first check the below points on site.

  • Are emails being sent for WordPress-related actions? 
    Register new users on my account page or reset passwords. After that check user's email id, an email arrived or not for a new user account or password reset.
  • Are basic WooCommerce emails sent other than auction emails?
    Create a simple product instead of an auction product and check basic WooCommerce email like new order, canceled order, Processing order send or not.

There are many plugins available in the market which is helpful for checking email logs, email status, and errors for the site. Below are two plugins which are helpful for send email from your site. Below is the process of configuring these plugins with your site.

  • WP Mail SMTP
  • SendGrid


Step 1 Go to Plugin -> Add New. Search for the SMTP plugin like the below image. Install and activate the SMTP plugin on your site.

Step 2 Go to Wp Mail SMTP menu -> Settings. Here configure the below settings and save changes.


  • From Email - Add site admin email id or add the email id from which you want to send the email

  • From Name - Enter the name from which the email is to be sent.

  • Mailer - Select another SMTP option from the list.

Other SMTP

Step 3 After sign in or signup in SendGrid, the dashboard will open as follows. Now go to Settings -> API keys option like below.

Step 4 Click the button "Create API Key" as shown below the image.

Step 5 Below form will open. Enter API key name in first field and select the "Full Access" option like below. You can also select other options as per your requirement. Now click the "Create & View" button.

Step 6 You can see in the below image, API key is generated. Copy API key from there.

Step 7 Now go to the SendGrid plugin setting page.

Step 8 Enter copied API key in the field like below.

Step 9 Configure below mail settings.

  • Name: Enter the name from which the email is to be sent.
  • Sending Address: Add site admin email id or add the email id from which you want to send the email.
  • Reply Address: You can leave blank if you want to use sending address or add a new email address.
  • Categories: Here you can mention categories of email. (Optional)
  • Template: Add template id for send email. (Optional)

After doing all configuration, click the "Update Settings" button.

If users have an issue with sending email then use one of these plugins. "WP Mail SMTP" and "SendGrid" both plugins are useful for sending emails from your site.

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