Pre-requisite & Installation

Ultimate WooCommerce Auction Pro plugin provides Currency Switcher addon With Aelia Currency Switcher plugin. Where our addon integrates with Aelia Currency Switcher (paid plugin) to show bids in multiple currencies.

As you might know that our Ultimate WooCommerce Auction pro plugin is based on WooCommerce, you can very well set your primary currency inside WooCommerce and that will be applicable to auction products too. Admin can show his/her products in multiple currencies on their sites and buyer can switch currencies to see product prices in different currencies on the auction product detail page. All displaying amounts will change as per the currency selected.


To work with the Currency Switcher add-on you must have these plugins installed on your site.

After download, installation, and activation of Aelia's plugins, set up the payment gateway in the Woocommerce plugin.

Navigate to WooCommerce Settings as an admin and select the Payments tab as per the below image. Enable the payment gateways you want and save the changes.

Note :   Ultimate WooCommerce Auction Pro plugin is dependent on the WooCommerce plugin. Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin is dependent on Aelia Foundation Classes for WooCommerce plugin.

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