How to Block / Unblock Users From Bidding

Ultimate WooCommerce Auction pro plugin provides the facility to block/unblock all users on your site. 

Sometimes the administrator needs to block all users for some reason, therefore, the Ultimate WooCommerce Auction pro plugin allows the administrator to block/unblock all users from the site. There are two ways admin can restrict users to bid on the products. 

1) Admin can block/unblock all the users at once. 

2) Admin can block/unblock a particular user to bid on a product from the user settings.

Block / Unblock All User

Admin can block all the users from bidding on products. 

As an admin navigates to  Auctions Settings. Scroll down the page and you will find the Extra settings option.

Under Extra Settings, you will find the "Do you want to block registered users from bidding" and "What notification message do you want to show to blocked users" option as per the below image.

  • Do you want to block registered user from bidding:

This option will block all existing and new users to place a bid, default is no. if you select yes then all the users will not able to place a bid.

  • What notification message do you want to show to blocked users:

The message you want to display when the user tries to place a bid on your product. it will display the message on the auction product detail page after the block user tries to place a bid on that product. You can write any message you want. 

Save the settings and let the user place a bid on any product. When the user tries to bid on a particular product then he/she will get a notification message which you specified earlier in the settings.

Here admin can only block/unblock all the users. if the admin wants to unblock a particular user then the admin needs to do that manually.

Block / Unblock Particular User

From Extra Settings admin can block all users but what about unblocking any individual user?. To block or unblock any individual user from bidding admin needs to do the following manually.

Navigates to Users → All Users as an admin. Here you will find the Bidding Status column which indicates the list of users who are blocked from bidding on products.

Now Unblock any single user so then he/she can start bidding on your products. From the list of users Edit any user which you want to unblock.

Click on Edit and the Block/Unblock User to Bid option will appear under UWA Pro Block/Unblock User as per the below image. select the Unblock and save the settings.

Now the user can place a bid on your products.

When an unblocked user places a bid on any product then his/her bid will be accepted and placed bid successfully message appears on the product detail page.

Same way admin can block a particular user from bidding on products, just Edit the user you want to block and select the Block option from Users → All Users.

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