Introduction & Configuration of Addon

Ultimate WooCommerce Auction pro plugin provides Offline Dealing for Buyer & Seller Addon.

What is Offline Dealing?

The  Offline Dealing for Buyer & Seller Addon for Offline Dealing for buyers & sellers. The buyer and seller exchange the contact details of each other to settle the auction offline. When the winner wins the auction product then he receives seller details on his email and on the Auction detail page so that he can contact and pay offline. There is no Checkout or Cart screen for the winner and the Seller receives winner details so that he can contact the winner.

How to set up offline Dealing?

This addon has many options for additional fields to display on the Registration page. These options will let you add Buyer and Seller information on the Product Detail page and in email. 

To Enable this Addon, Admin needs to navigate to  Auctions License & Addon. Here you will find the Addon "Offline Dealing for Buyer & Seller", Enable the Addon and the page will refresh by itself, the new link will available for setting this Addon as per the below image.

Enable the option to activate the Addon and a new link for the setting will appear after page refresh. Click on  Go to addon setting page and it will redirect you to Auctions → Settings. On the Addons tab page,

Here you will find options for display contact details on the product detail page and in email.

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