How Seller And Buyer Deals Offline


Admin needs to Click on Go to addon setting page and it will redirect you to Auctions → Settings. On the Addons tab page after enabling the addon.

Here you will find options for display contact details on the product detail page and in email.

Offline Dealing for Buyer & Seller

Under Collect contact details, there are options for Enable Contact fields on my account page. 

  • Enable Contact fields:

Enable contact fields on my account page: The first option will let you display contact information on the Registration page if disable contact fields will not display.

First name and last name fields: If enable then it will allow the user to add his/her First name & Last name.

Address Fields: If enable then three fields will available for the user to add an address. Street address, Town / City, and Postcode. 

Country field: Country field lets you add the Country / Region field on that page.

State field: This will enable the County field on the page.

Phone field: Enable the Phone field.

Here we enable above mention field and Save Changes and it will look something like the below image on the My Account page.

On the same Addon setting page, there is an option to display contact details below the  Collect contact details section. Which will let you display the contact details of the seller on the product detail page.

  • Display Contact Detail:

There is two option under Display Contact Detail:

Display contact details on product detail page:  This option will let you display seller details on the product detail page same as the below image.

Display contact details in winner mail: When there is a winner in the Auction then an email will send to his/her email address. If you enable this option then the same email will send to a Winner with Seller Contact Details.

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