Configuration and Workflow of Addon


Once you have installed the required plugins go to the configuration section of the Currency Switcher.

Navigate to WooCommerce Currency Switcher as an admin. You will have a currency page on the General tab page.

How to add multiple currencies? 

There are many options available for you to add currencies with different options.

Enabled Currencies: 

Select the Currencies that you would like to accept. After saving, the options for the exchange rates will be displayed. Add the currencies you want and click on Save Changes.

After the page refresh, you will have something like below on your screen. Here you have to add the Exchange Rate of your newly added currencies.

Currency Setting: 

In this section, you can enter the Exchange Rates which you would like to use to convert prices from your base Currency to other Currencies. If you enable Automatic Updates, Exchange Rates will be fetched on a regular basis from the Provider of your choice. 

If you wish to lock an Exchange Rate to a specific value, and not have it updated automatically, simply tick the corresponding box in the  Set Manually column.

Exchange Rates - Automatic Update Settings:

In this section, you can configure the frequency of automatic updates for the exchange rates.

Tick this box to enable automatic updating of exchange rates:

Tick the box for automatically updating the exchange rates of your currency.

How often update the exchange rates:

Choose an option to change the rates at Every minute, Every 5 minutes, Once Hourly, Every 15 Days, Monthly, etc.

Exchange rate providers:

Select the exchange rate providers for your currency.

Now Click on Save and Update Exchange Rates. if you have enabled automatic update of exchange rates then the updated currency rate will fetch from the exchange rate currency provider else manually added currency rate will apply.

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