Auction Settings - Relisting

Ultimate WooCommerce Auction pro plugin provides the facility to Relist the Auction on your site. you can enable automatic Relist or do manually Relisting.

What is Relisting:

If no bids place on the auction product, if the reserve price is not met, if the winning user does not pay in the auction then the owner of the auction can Relist the auction for the specified period of time.

The auctions can be issued manually or automatically.

Relist Options:

You can set Relist Options from Auctions → Settings as an admin and you will find the options for Relisting under Extra Settings.

There is two option under Relist Options. 

1) Start auction from the beginning - When you select this option then all bids are deleted and the auction starts from the beginning.

2) Start auction from where it ended When you select this option then the auction starts from where it had ended.

Set Relisting from auction product detail page:

You can set the Auction Relist from the Auction product detail page. After adding a product, Edit the existing product and you will find the option for Relisting.

If Automatic Relist is enabled then it will show more options under Enable Automatic Relist option.

Keep repeating Relist if the below conditions are met - Auction will get automatically Relist(Renew) repeat on the duration specified in Relist duration interval. Skip For Once Relist.

Relist if the winner has not paid -  Relist if the winner has not paid.

Relist if there are no bids in the auction - Relist if there are no bids in the auction.

Relist if reserve price has not met - Relist if reserve price has not met.

Specify the duration in hours for which the auction will be live after Relist -  set your hours.

Manually Relist:

If you choose to do Relisting Manually then click on Manually Relist Now and it will display the Start Date and Ending Date box.

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