How to send admin email to multiple person

Ultimate WooCommerce Auction Pro plugin has an option for different kinds of emails to notify the user, admin, third-party person. some of them are Bid placed notifications, Auction Won, Auction Ending soon, payment-related emails, deleted bid notifications, etc.

Sometimes admin needs to send some type of email to a third-party person like the seller, manager, vendor to notify about the auction status, bidder payment status, or Auction Relisting information.

Send Email To Multiple Person:

To send the email to multiple people the admin needs to navigate to the  WooCommerce Settings page. Click on the Emails tab as per the below image. There is a list of Email Notifications that send to the bidder, admin on a particular event (i.e: Payment Reminder email to bidder).

There is a list of emails to notify bidder and admin about auction product, bid, winner and auction loser, auction ends, etc. To send mail to multiple people clicks on any email that you want to send email to multiple people to notify the same.

Email Recipient:

Click on any email that you want to send emails to other people and you will land on the setting page of that particular email. There is an option Recipient as per the image given below.

Recipient allows admin to enter recipient's email (comma separated). Leave blank to use the default WordPress Administrator email.

Now add email in Recipient to send. The email should be comma-separated (i.e: [email protected],[email protected]). If left blank then it will use your WordPress Administrator email as default.

Enter emails and click on the Save changes button to save the changes you have made. Here we added emails to the Ultimate Auction - Auction Won email so whenever the bidder wins the auction the number of people mentioned in the Recipient will receive the same email as admin.

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