How to display auction plugin notice on product page when using Divi theme.

1) If admin uses Divi theme on site with Ultimate Woocommerce Auction Pro Plugin, admin need to do change in plugin file to work Ajax functionality of auction plugin.  

2) If admin creates auction product without enable Divi builder then there is no issue in it. Auction plugin notice displays properly on product page like below.

3) If admin creates auction product by enabling Divi builder like below and place a bid on auction product then bid place notice does not display on product page.

4) Please follow below steps to add code in plugin file.

-> Go to Ultimate Woocommerce Auction Plugin -> templates -> woocommerce -> Single-product -> uwa-bid.php and open this file.

-> Admin need to add below code in uwa-bid.php file.

<div class="custom woocommerce-notices-wrapper" ></div>

-> The admin needs to add this code before the <script> tag starts at bottom of file and save it. Please review below image.

5) Auction plugin notice will be displayed correctly on the product page once the admin adds the code as above. When the admin bids on the auction product, the notice will be displayed as follows.

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