Auction Settings - Silent Auctions

What is a Silent Auction?

Silent auctions as the name suggests are silent in nature. Conventionally, during a normal auction event, people shout their bids and one who has highest bid wins. On the contrary, in silent auction, all members write their bids on a sheet of paper and submit it to the auctioneer. None of them are aware of anyone's bid amount. When auction ends, highest listed bidder wins the auction. 

To simulate similar behavior in our plugin, it needed to do below:

  • Accept bid amount entered by the bidder. Thus, there isnt any concept of proxy bidding when silent auction setting is enabled. 
  • Hide bidding amount 

Plugin Settings

If you see above image, Admin has enabled both proxy bidding and silent bidding. What this means is that Admin has given an option to all auctioneer while adding their auctions, they can choose whether they want to run a proxy or silent auction. See below image which shows that auctioneer will get to choose one out of these two options.

If Admin checks "Enable Silent-Bid" then automatically "Enable Proxy Bidding" will vanish. See Below

Once auction is added, you will notice below things pertaining to Silent Auctions inside Auction Detail Page 

With regards to masking username and bid amount, user will be able to only see his bid upon login and cannot see these information for other users. The only exception is admin. 

Admin sees all information:

Tester A only sees his information:

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