7. How To translate Plugin In Your Native Language.

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Our  Ultimate WooCommerce Auction Pro is compatible with WPML and Loco Translate plugin. Using this plugin you can translate plugin language to your native language.

Loco Translate

Step 1 - You need to install the Ultimate WooCommerce Auction Pro plugin.

Step 2 - Go to Plugins -> Add New. Install Loco Translate plugin.

Step 3 - When you activate this plugin, added the "Loco Translate" menu in the dashboard. Go to Loco Translate -> Plugins and select text-domain "woo_ua".

Step 4 - Choose a language in which you want to translate it and click the button "Start Translating".

Step 5 - In this plugin, you can translate all content of the plugin. If you want to translate a particular string of the plugin, you can select the string or you can type in the search box. You need to translate the string manually. You can see below that the string is translated into the native language.

Step 6 - Once you did translate the language, Go to WordPress Settings -> General. Select the site language to your native language and save it.

WPML Plugin

Step 1 - Go to Upload plugin and upload plugin zip.

  • Sitepress multilingual cms - Core WPML plugin
  • WPML media translation - For translate media
  • WPML string translation - For translate strings
  • WPML translation management - For translation management

All this plugin zip downloaded when you purchased it. Upload, install, and activate all plugins.

When you active plugins get WPML setup notification, click there and start setup or you can set up from WPML -> Languages.

Step 2 

  • First, select the main language of your website from the dropdown and click the next button.

  • Select the language in which you want to translate your plugin and click the next button.

  • Here is the language switcher display option, where you want to add it. The first option for menu language switcher. There are options for changing the design of the language switcher. In this way, you select it also for the widget area, footer, post page. So, select the option wherever you want to display it and click next.

  • Next is compatibility reporting. In this, you can select the first option for sending themes and plugins information used in your site to wpml.org and it helps to solve compatibility problems.

  • Register your site key and finish the WPML setup.

  Step 3 - Go to WPML -> String Translation. Select plugin text-domain "woo_ua" and get a list of all strings of the plugin. You can search for a particular string and translate it.

Step 4 - Go to WPML -> Languages and select the default language of your website.

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