8. What happens once auction product has a winner?

Process of Purchase Product

Admin creates auction products and displays them on site. User reviews all products and bids on any of a product. For that first of all user needs to register a profile and then the user can bid on any product.

When the user bids on any products at that time user can not purchase that product. Bid notification arrived at admin. When the admin chooses the user as a winner then the user buys the product. To choose a winner admin has to go Auctions menu from the WordPress dashboard and click the button "Choose winner".When the admin chooses the auction product winner, the product expired for another user.

So, let's understand step by step process of buying a product.

Step 1 - When an admin approves the user's bid. The user gets a notification for payment of the product.

  • Plugin send email to use for the link of pay now

  • Users need to go shop page and open that product which is bid it. You can see "Pay Now" options which enable now.

  • User needs to go My account page ->Auctions. Their user see all winning bids and buy products.

Step 2 - Once the user clicks the pays now button, open the checkout form in which the user needs to fill up all information regarding name, address, country, phone number, postcode.

Otherside you can see the product's detail available, there the user can conform product name and price. There are many payment methods available, you can select which you want and click the "PLACE ORDER" button.

Step 3 - Once the user places an order, get an order receipt that includes all information about a product, where to ship the product, price. Here user can confirm data.

When the user places an order, the admin received an order. Admin can visit order information.

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