For Sorting you can add these shortcodes mentioned here.

you will also observe "orderby" and "order" parameter in the shortcode. 

For example: [uwa_all_auctions columns=3 orderby="date" order="desc/asc"]

Now, you can use below in "orderby":

  • orderby – Sorts the products displayed by the entered option. One or more options can be passed by adding both slugs with a space between them. Available options are:
  • date – The date the product was published.
  • id – The post ID of the product.
  • menu_order – The Menu Order, if set (lower numbers display first).
  • popularity – The number of purchases.
  • rand – Randomly order the products on page load (may not work with sites that use caching, as it could save a specific order).
  • rating – The average product rating.
  • title – The product title. This is the default orderby mode.

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