3. Installed Pages & Shortcodes

Page List with Shortcodes

PRO plugin installs 4 pages with shortcodes.

If you have accidentally deleted any of the pages mentioned above, you can create again with the below-mentioned shortcodes.

Name Shortcode Description
All Auctions  [uwa_all_auctions columns=3 orderby="date" order="desc/asc"] Lists live, expired and pending auctions.
Live Auctions  [uwa_live_auctions columns="4" order="asc" hidescheduled=yes/no] Lists live auctions
Expired Auctions  [uwa_expired_auctions  columns="4" order="asc"] Lists expired auctions
Pending Auctions  [uwa_pending_auctions  columns="4" order="asc"] Lists auctions scheduled for later date.
New Auctions [uwa_new_auctions days_when_added="10" columns="4" orderby="date" order="desc/asc" show_expired="yes/no"] Lists new auctions by setting the days it has been added.
Ending Soon Auctions [uwa_ending_soon_auctions columns="4" order="asc" hidescheduled=yes/no] Lists auctions with auctions ending soonest at the top.

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