Categories as Events

If you want to group auction products or simulate events that have multiple products, you can add multiple products to the same group or in different group categories.

Ultimate WooCommerce Auction pro plugin is based on WooCommerce, WooCommerce allows you to add product categories. These product categories can simulate your events. And while adding an auction product, you can choose product categories for those products. So, you have grouped auction products based on their categories. 

How to Create a Category:

As an admin navigates to WP Dashboard ProductsCategories as given in the below image.

You can add a new category from here. Add the name of your category and click on the button Add new category at bottom of the page.

Here I created a category named Clothing. you can create as many categories as you want. Now we need to add products in this category, if you don't have any products or don't know how to create then read this article for How To Add Auction Products Manually.

Choose Category:

Select the product you want to add to your category. you can edit the existing product or create a new product. on the right side of your screen, there is an option to add Product categories. select the category you created.

We will add few products to the Clothing category.

Add a category to your page:

Now it's time to display our products on a page with a category. for that, we need to create a page or use the existing page. you can show these events (product categories) using WooCommerce shortcodes = [product_categories] or if you want to show specific auction products in a specific event (category) then you can use shortcode = [products category=""] (i.e: [products category="clothing"] ).

Navigate to the WP Dashboard → Pages→ Add New as given in the below image.

We created a new page and add the title Clothing Products and use a shortcode [product_categories]. now publish the page and visit it.

On the  Clothing Products page, we have a category clothing with products.

if you want to show only specific category products  then you can use the shortcode  [products category="clothing"]. change the name clothing with your category name.

Products with category:

Click on the particular category and the products which come under that event (product category) will display.

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