4. How To Add Auction Products Manually

After you have set up WooCommerce plugin settings and configuration, activated our  Ultimate WooCommerce Auction PRO plugin, you should add a product. 

You can add it via the WordPress dashboard menu, navigate to the Products menu and click Add New.

Step 1 - Add the product's title which you want to display on the shop page.

Step 2 - Enter the product's description.

Step 3 - Select a category of product or you can create your own category.

Step 4 - Select the product's image which is display on the shop page.

Step 5 - Select the product's image gallery which is display on a single product page.

Step 6 - In the product data section choose “product data = Auction Product” from the dropdown. This option is enabled only when you active our Ultimate WooCommerce Auction PRO plugin. Add data to relevant fields in the product data section.

  • Product Condition: This field can be used 

  • to show item condition as "New" or "Used".

  • Opening Price: This field is the price at which the auction will start.

  • Lowest Price to Accept: This field represents the "Reserve Price" for the auction.

  • Bid Increment: This field represents a default incremental value between any two bids.

  • Buy Now Price: This field represents a fixed price which when paid by the user will get the product and expire the auction.

  • Ending Date: At this date, the auction will expire.

Step 7 - Add a short description of the product.

Step 8 - Click the "Publish" button, your auction product should now be ready and displayed under the “Shop” page

If you have problems please open a discussion in the support forum.

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