Auction Workflow

Ultimate WooCommerce Auction pro plugin provides many features. Some of the pro features will Let your Users Add Auction, Proxy Bidding, Multilingual, Buyer’s Premium, Soft-Close/ Anti-sniping, Relist: Automatic & Manual, Variable Increment, Silent Bidding. Add separate pages for Live, Expired, Future auctions using shortcodes and counting.

If you are not aware of how to install and set up our plugin then please refer to our Getting Started guide.

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Admin Add Auction Product:

If you are a user who doesn't want to bid only but also wants to add a product for auction then you can become a vendor and add your own auction or normal product, give commission to admin, track orders. for that, you need to use multi-vendor plugins available in the market. read this guide for How a user can add products as a vendor.

For now, we will add the Auction product as an admin. To add a product as an admin, navigate to your site  Products → Add New. For more information go through this article on how to add an Auction product.

After adding few products to your website the shop page will look like this.

If you don't know how to show your products on the site then read this article. admin can also end, edit, delete the auction products. for that please follow this guide.

User Register:

Users can bid on your products and the winner will be able to check out the product. For that, your website needs users who can add bid on your product. First, enable the customers to create an account on your website. For that, you need to enable create an account option from WooCommerce → Settings and click on the Accounts & Privacy tab from there to enable the option as per the below image.

Now users can register on your website and can place bids.

Now users can register and login to their account and able to place bids on products.

User Place Bids On Product:

The user will have a list of products that are added by the admin or vendors on your site. for placing a bid, the user needs to click on the product which he/she wants to bid.

clicking on the particular product will redirect you to the Auction product detail page.

For more information on what is auction detail page please refer to this article.

When users place bids on a product then the admin can see the list of bids placed by users on that particular product edit page. at bottom of the page, there is a list of bidders on that product.

Admin can delete the bid of a user from  Actions as per the above image. Navigate to the Auctions → Auctions section and here you can see the list of auctions in running and can Edit, End Now, and Choose Winner from Actions. if you click on the End Now button then Auction will end.

Choose Winner:

The highest bidder will win the Auction if the admin click on choose winner and the auction will expire.

The Pay Now button will be activated and use will proceed to checkout. The plugin sends an email to the user for the link of pay now. refer to this link for more.


The user needs to go to the My Account page → Auctions. Their user sees all winning bids and buys products. On the checkout page,  users need to fill out the required details.


Once the user places an order, get an order receipt which includes all information of product, where to shipping product, price. Here user can confirm data.

When the user places an order, the admin received an order. Admin can visit order information. Navigate to  WooCommerce → Order as per the below image.

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