Activate Currency Switcher Addon

Ultimate WooCommerce Auction pro plugin provides Currency Switcher addon With Aelia Currency Switcher plugin. Where our addon integrates with Aelia Currency Switcher to show bids in multiple currencies.

How to set up Currency Switcher With Aelia?

First, you need to install some necessary plugins on your site before activating the currency switcher with the Aelia addon.

After download, installation, and activation of Aelia's plugins navigate to  Auction → License & Addon as an admin and enable the Currency Switcher With Aelia addon as per the below image.

Enable the option to activate the Addon and a new link for the setting will appear after page refresh. Click on   Go to addon setting page and it will redirect you to Auctions → Settings. On the Addons tab page,

There are two options available: 1) Aelia Configuration and 2) Currency Switcher Configuration on the  Addons tab page.

1) Aelia Configuration:

You can configure the Aelia Currency Switcher settings from here. this link will redirect you to WooCommerce Currency Switcher on the General page tab. For more configuration and settings you can read this article.

2) Currency Switcher Configuration:

The text set in this textbox will display at the bottom of the product detail page. Click on Save Changes and the details of the addon. 

Display Currency Switcher Widget on page:

Now test the Currency Switcher on your product detail page. navigate to your site and open any product detail page. on the right side, you will find the Change Your Currency text with a dropdown which you set in this guide.

The user now can change the currencies from the Currency Switcher widget. 

Please do note that the bidding field value will always remain in the primary currency and it won't change these values depending on the currency. Let briefly understand this with an example:

Suppose admin adds an auction product with the following details:

Opening Price = $100.

Increment Price = $50.

Primary currency = US Dollars.

Customer A comes and sees that the opening price is $100. He places $100. Customer B comes and he wants to place a bid in Euros. He switched the currency. He will see all currency values on the page in Euros except the "bid value" field because bidding logic depends on the current bid price and increment price and that cannot change on the fly as it is near impossible to do that. So, it will display a message that "Enter bid in US Dollars" and once Customer B enters it in USD, then those values will be displayed in Euros. And thus this is how we can achieve compatibility.

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