How to prevent email from going into spam

Spam email also referred to as junk email or simply SPAM.

If the emails are going into Spam then the Ultimate WooCommerce Auction pro Plugin is not responsible for that. Because it is your email client (Gmail or Outlook or any other you are using) that is marking those emails as spam.

Based on the "From" header which currently would be something like "[email protected]" and this "from address" is unrecognizable to it thus marking it as spam.

What you can do is configure the WP Mail SMTP plugin and make this plugin use your email id and then emails will have the "From" address of your email client (Gmail or Outlook or any other) and then there will be a high chance that it does not go into spam.

WP Mail SMTP Plugin:

Navigate to Plugins Add New to the new plugin. type WP Mail SMTP in search to search the plugin and install it.

There are settings available to configure WP Mail SMTP.

  • From Email - Add site admin email id or add the email id from which you want to send the email
  • From Name - Enter the name from which the email is to be sent.

For more information about the WP Mail SMTP plugin please visit this article.

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