Auction Settings - Variable Increment

Ultimate WooCommerce Auction pro plugin provides the facility to variable increment in your auction product. It will allow you to add conditions of the price range and increase the price accordingly. 

How does it work?:

Create an Auction product on your site. Navigate to Products -> Add New to add a new product. if you don't know how to create an Auction product please refer to this article.  On the add Auction product page, you will find an option Variable Bid Increment as per the below image.

After enabling the Variable Bid Increment there are a few options available below it to increase the price according to Start Price and End Price conditions.

Add Prices:

Here we added the Opening price of an Auction product to 2000 and the Lowest Price to Accept to 1000.

At Variable Bid Increment we added 2000 as Start Price and 2100 as an End Price and give an increment of 50. if the price range starting from 2000 and end at 2100 then do an increment in the price of 50. You can click on Add New button to create as many conditions as you want.

Here we added another condition of Start Price 2100 and End Price of 2200 and 10 as a price increment. if the price ranges between these two then do an increment of 10.

At last, we added 2200 as a start price and onwards with an increment of 5 and save the product.


If you open the Auction product detail page of that product then there is an increment of prices according to the conditions you added in Variable Bid Increment. You can find our three conditions here.

If you click on the bid prices then there is an increment of the price according to our conditions.

First four price has an increment of 50 as per our first condition. The first condition was Start Price = 2000  and  End Price = 2100. so here is the increment of 50 in price.

The second has the increment of 10 as per our second condition set when we created the product. The condition was Start Price = 2100  and  End Price = 2200. so here is the increment of 10 in price.

The third has an increment of 5 as per our last condition. The condition was Start Price = 2200  and  End Price = onwards. so here is the increment of 5 in price.

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