How to add new product conditions?

Ultimate WooCommerce Auction pro plugin provides the facility to add new product conditions to your product. if you don't know how to create an Auction product then refer to this article How to add Auction Products Manually.

You can add product conditions like New, Renewed, Old, Used, Unused, Vintage, Factory Sealed Packaging, or any you want. The product condition will be displayed to bidders/users on the auction product detail page.

How to add new product conditions?:

To add conditions in a new product, you need to add a filter name  ultimate_woocommerce_auction_product_condition in your theme's functions.php file. To add the filter in your functions.php file, Navigate to your theme's root folder (ex.: astra/functions.php) and open the functions.php file in your text editor and add the following filter code at the end of the file. For more information about the hook, filter please refer to our Hooks and Filters article for more detail.

add_filter('ultimate_woocommerce_auction_product_condition', 'here_your_function_name' );
function here_your_function_name( $array ){
	 Exiting array keys. 1)new 2)used
	 You can Add New Condition to Auction Product Like below.
	$arr2 = array('good' => 'Good');
        $arr3 = array('very_good' => 'Very Good');
        $arr4 = array('vintage' => 'Vintage');
        $array = $array + $arr2 + $arr3 + $arr4;
        return $array;

  • Use  ultimate_woocommerce_auction_product_condition filter to display new product condition.
  • At here_your_function_name add your own function name.
  • Add new product condition as $array['new'] = 'New';
  • You can add as many product conditions as you want in arrays.
  • Save the file and go to the Auction product detail page. You will find the product conditions like the below image. Select any condition and save the product.


When bidders/users view the product they can see the product condition as Item condition: like the below image.

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