Auction Settings - Ajax Bidding

What is Ajax Bidding?

If you don't want to refresh the page every time when someone places a bid on an auction product then you can enable the Instant Bidding option on your site. it will allow the user to place a bid without any page reload. To simulate real-world bidding where users place their bids and are aware of other bids instantly we have given an option in our plugin to update bidding information without web page refresh. This will help users to see the latest bidding information. 

Please review the below video for creating an auction product under silent bidding. This video will cover How to place bids and update bid data using AJAX. We'll show you an introduction to AJAX, enabling the AJAX option from the auction settings, and how AJAX works with the auction product.

Plugin Settings

Enable the Instant Bidding setting by navigating to Auctions > Settings. on the Auction tab page, you will find the section of AJAX BIDDING.

  • Instant Bidding: 
    • By enabling this setting, bids will be placed without page refresh:
      • Enable this option and it will let your user place a bid on the product without any page refresh on your site.
    • Get Bid amount information instantly without page refresh:
      • By enabling this setting, bid information will be polled every X second mentioned in the Check Bidding Information setting, and bid information will be displayed without page refresh. This can be a performance-heavy operation on your server.
    • Check Bidding Information:
      • The time interval between two ajax requests in seconds (bigger intervals means less load on the server). Enter value inside "Check Bidding Information"  which signifies the time interval when the plugin will check for updated information and display it inside the auction detail page.

If you enable the "Get Bid amount information instantly without page refresh" and specify the second in which two ajax request calls then the below fields will display without page refresh on the auction product detail page.

  • Display Winner Message: If the entered bid amount is more than other bidders then you will get a text as "You are Winning!" else the loser will get the text as "You are Losing". if you want to change the winning text then read this article.
  • Current Bid: The current bid amount will be updated when someone places a bid on the auction product.
  • Reserve Price: The Reserve price will update when the bidder's amount met the certain reserve price amount mentioned during creating the auction product.
  • Direct bid amount: The amount in the direct bid box will update to the next bid amount. Also "Enter more than or queal to" mentions the last bid amount gets updated.
  • Bids tab: The Bid history table will also be updated with the bidder's name, bidding time, and bid amount without page refresh.

If the "Instant Bidding: - By enabling this setting, bids will be placed without page refresh" is disabled then the auction detail page will show updated bid information upon page refresh.

Please do note that enabling this setting will query the database at each time interval and this might be a performance-intensive operation if there are many live auctions and an average hosting server.

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