How your users can add auction

Many site owners want their users not only to bid but add their own products for auction. What this would mean is that site owners preferably want their users to be vendors who can add their own auction or normal products, track their orders, give commissions to admin for using their site to sell their own products. 

Since our PRO version is based on WooCommerce, there are many professional multi-vendor plugins that allow admin's site to be a marketplace for other users to be vendors and sell their products. And instead of reinventing the wheel, the best approach to provide site owner's ability for their users to add auction is to integrate with multi-vendor plugins available in the market. 

Most Popular Wordpress Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugins:

We can proudly say that our plugin integrates with all above plugins. 

And since WCFM Marketplace by WC Lovers is the best multi-vendor plugin out there, we recommend our it to our users as it has most features, provide front-end dashboard and is completely free. 

Below we have written specific articles covering how to install, configure and use these multi-vendor plugins to enable your users to add auction products:

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