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The Extra Settings section can be found here.  Auctions → Settings as an admin and you will find the many options under Extra Settings.

Soft Close / Avoid Sniping:

Auction sniping/Bid Snipping is the practice, in a timed online auction, of placing a bid likely to exceed the current highest bid (which may be hidden) as late as possible usually seconds before the end of the auction giving other bidders no time to outbid the sniper. This can be done either manually or by software on the bidder's computer, or by an online sniping service.

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Since the user who snipes at the last moment of the auction getting expired, our plugin provides a configuration to admin where at a certain time before the auction expires, the auction gets extended by a defined time interval specified by admin. What this does is that it then gives an opportunity to all the bidders to place their bids again if they want to. 

To prevent Auction sniping / Bid Snipping in a timed online auction you need to make changes as below. As an admin navigates to WP Dashboard → Auctions → Settings and select Auction tab as given in the below image. 

For more information on Soft-Close / Avoid Snipping refer to this article.

Bidding Restriction:

You can set the maximum bidding amount here in the textbox. You can allow admin to bid on their own product by enabling it. You can also allow Vendors to bid on their own auction.

Here we enter 3999 in the Bidding Restriction section and when someone enters a bidding amount of more than 3999 on the product detail page then he/she will get notified like below.

Do you want to block registered user from bidding:

Sometimes the administrator needs to block all users for some reason, therefore, the Ultimate WooCommerce Auction pro plugin allows the administrator to block/unblock all users from the site. There are two ways admin can restrict users to bid on the products. 

If yes, it will block all existing and new users to place a bid, default is no.

for more information on Block registered users from bidding you can visit this article.

Set Bid Increment Globally:

This option will let you set your bid globally.

This setting will apply to every auction.

Relist Options:

If no bids place on the auction product, if the reserve price is not met, if the winning user does not pay in the auction then the owner of the auction can Relist the auction for the period specified period of time.

The auctions can be issued manually or automatically.

There is two option under Relist Options. 

1) Start auction from the beginning - When you select this option then all bids are deleted and the auction starts from the beginning.

2) Start auction from where it ended - When you select this option then the auction starts from where it had ended.

For more information on Relisting you can refer to this article.

Disable the Buy It Now:

Disable the Buy It Now option once bidding has reached the reserve price.

Enable an alert box:

This setting lets you enable an alert confirmation which is shown to users when they place a bid.

Enable the option and save the settings. On the product detail page, when the bidder enters the bidding amount then he/she will get an alert box like below.

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