How Buyer's Premium Work With This Addon

How does Buyer's Premium work with this addon?

The Buyer's premium refers to a percentage or flat rate additional charge on winning bid at auction. The buyer's premium must be paid by the winning bidder. The winning bidder is required to pay both the total bid amount and percentage or a flat rate of that price called buyer's premium. It is charged by the auctioneer to cover administrative expenses. In offline Dealing, the buyer and seller exchange the contact details of each other to settle the auction offline. When the winner wins the auction product then he receives seller details on his email and on the Auction detail page. if both the addon enable then the details of the seller will be displayed on the auction detail page and at the time of order. then the winner will contact the seller and pay the premium amount to the seller 

How to set up Buyer's premium with Offline Dealing Addon?

In the Ultimate WooCommerce Auction pro plugin buyer's premium addon has an option to add the buyer's premium charge as a percentage or flat rate. If the admin selects a percentage then the buyer's premium will be added according to the percentage of the total amount. If the admin selects a flat rate then the buyer's premium will be added according to the value of the flat rate.

As an admin navigates to Auctions → License & Addon and enables Buyer's Premium and Offline Dealing for Buyer & Seller option as given in the below image.

If you missed the article on how Offline Dealing for Buyer & Seller works then you can refer to the introductory guide here and How Seller And Buyer Deals Offline article here.

Buyer's premium addon has not required a special payment method or extra plugin for payment. It allows all types of payment methods. Admin just needs to enable it from WooCommerce → Settings on the Payments tab page.

Buyer's Premium setting

After configuring the offline dealing addon move to Buyer's Premium addon, enable it and click on the Go to addon setting page link. it will navigate you to Auctions → Settings on Addons

tab page.

Under Buyer's Premium, there are options for giving premium to admin or seller. For more information on Buyer's Premium Addon, you can read this article.

Create an Auction product

To create an Auction product Navigate to Products Add New as an admin. if you don't know how to create auction products manually then read this guide.

If Buyer's Premium is enabled then you have the option of Set Buyer's Premium(B.P) on the Add Auction product page as above image.

which B.P settings do you want to apply:

If you set Defined at System Level then this option will set it as a global setting which you did when you enabled the buyer's Premium addon.

If you select Set for this product then Buyer's Premium will only apply to that product.

Publish the auction product and you will find Buyer's Premium values on the product detail page.

You can find the same values on Buyer's Premium tab on the auction product detail page.

Auction has winner

Once Auction Expire and Auction has a winner the Auction product detail page will have information of Offline dealer and Buyer's Premium. if you don't know how to configure Offline Dealing then refer to this article. The winner has the details of the seller on the auction product detail page later winner can contact the seller and pay the seller amount.

When the user clicks on Pay Buyer's Premium button then the Place order page will load. Once the User places the order then confirmation of the order will be received to the user like below with Buyer's Premium.

The auction Winner doesn't need to pay the product amount. only buyer's premium of that product will charge. As per the above image, the winner can contact the seller offline using the billing address.

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