How Auto Debit Work With This Addon

How does Auto Debit work with this addon?

Credit Card Auto Debit addon used for payment of the winning product. When the user won an auction product then the user needs to pay for the product. There is a payment option for the user. Sometimes users want to pay a partial amount of the product via credit card and the remaining amount on call or email. for that, we provide Offline dealing with Buyer and Seller addon. Both the Addon work together and display the partially bid amount paid via credit card and the remaining amount on call.

Credit Card Auto Debit addon only works with the WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway plugin. For more information about the installation and use of this plugin, please read this article.

How to set up Auto Debit with Offline Dealing Addon?

Once you fill up stripe account information after that as an admin navigates to Auctions → License & Addon and enables Credit Card Auto Debit and Offline Dealing for Buyer & Seller option as given in the below image.

Hope you already set up the Offline Dealing Addon. if didn't then read this guide on introduction and configuration and How Seller and Buyer deal offline.

Auto Debit Setting

After configuring the offline dealing addon move to Credit Card Auto Debit addon, enable it and click on the Go to addon setting page link. it will navigate you to the Auctions → Settings on Addons tab page.

Here you can configure your stripe account, set Different settings for Creditcards, Auto debit option for admin and vendor, and many other settings. For more information on Auto Debit Addon, you can read this article.

Create an Auction product. for that admin needs to Navigate to Products → Add New as an admin. if you don't know how to create auction products manually then read this guide.

Auction has winner

Once Auction Expire and Auction has a winner then the Auction product detail page will have information of seller and Auto Debit via credit card with details. if you don't know how to configure Offline Dealing then refer to this article. The winner has the details of the seller on the auction product detail page and the partial amount will debit from the winner's account. the winner can contact the seller and pay the remaining amount to the seller.

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